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The Soul Startup Entrepreneur : trust yourself and test all your assumptions!

I left corporate with burnout and soul repression showing up as depression - my familiar comrade.

This is the raw me that gave me the empowered 'roar' me. This was how my business came into it's existence.


My Melbourne adventures

I had been at the pinnacle of my career consulting globally to developers with $10M+ project budgets.

But these signs and symptoms of burnout, depression and anxiety were my soul awakening and telling me there was a larger role for me to play, a higher potential possibility.
It was time for me to see beneath the surface and not only sink into it.
On leaving corporate, I put myself into retreat in our apartment for close to 6 months and in that space and time I realised we all had this innate intuition guiding us and it was just that we had forgotten that we did.
My innate intuition was slowly calling me back to life.
I was seeing a fantastic Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor at the time who asked me if she could work with me.  I said "of course we can do some strategy work", she said "no all of what you've been doing".
I went home and meditated and channelled the new way of Being in business.
This began Soul Strategy Journeys - using intuition to create and master your business. Blending the self journey with the business journey to create a sustainable, scaleable and prosperous business that helps others and brings you joy.

I hit my capacity ceiling as a solo business owner,

so decided to have the machines do part of the work for me. 


Which led me to add technology systems, which of course was my convergence point. Technology had been at the centre of my roles back in corporate. Before I could consider outsourcing to humans and building my people team, I decided to outsource to the machines and build my technology systems.

My business has evolved as I too evolve and we are beginning to harmonise with each other but I allow it to open itself further to me in its full offering and expression little by little every week. It is my choose your own adventure journey. Just as yours is also.
I advise in soul + strategy + systems to give micro business owners fulfillment and freedom in their businesses.
I am a Metaphysical Business Architect & Advisor.
I help people to design and implement in their business, to suit them.
I do this through supporting you with soul + strategy methods; and systemSuite, a micro business technology system to automate, integrate and give you instant insights in your business.

I've scaled down big business methods for solo and small business,

to help you experience fulfillment and freedom in business.

"What I do" was a catalyst and helped me strip my identity of "who I was" to see the soul as "who I really am", my true self. It's changed my life exponentially and helps me grow, expand and amplify in all areas of my life.
These days I create time for contemplation and consciousness channelling, assisting to create shifts in the evolution of humanity through awareness, connection and community and helping others to be and become the same.
If you're interested to know what a metaphysician is, here's my take on it.



I am an intuitive visionary building the future of

business, healthcare and education.

Living with health challenges of Endometriosis and Adrenal Fatigue have been huge catalysts in my healing and spirituality journey. These were part of the physical symptoms and diagnosees when I was working in corporate consulting to help my awakening.


They are the very same things that help me to heal through my spirituality journey – my return to Self.

Now I facilitate this for others through intuitive business mentoring sessions and teaching spiritual systems and strategies to help service based businesses to build their biz from the inside out and connect them steward their ideal community's.


The core of my business is Soul Strategy methodology. Helping people connect and grow their intuition through their business and in kind heal and harmonise their health and wellness and create prosperity for people, planet and profit for redistribution to assist with the evolution of humanity.

Harnessing their time, money and energy (efficiency) leverages through technology, using systemSuite to create scaleable and sustainable business.


My gift is to see the full potentiality of your highest possible reality and connect you right to the heart of what this is for you and also with what your immediate need is.

To do this I draw on my 14yr corporate strategy consulting experience, combining with my spiritual teacher experience through Channelling Mediumship and Futurist Collective Consciousness Channelling.


I am a specialist generalist - I believe that by having an understanding of the big picture as being, it guides and motivates you for the integration and implementation, when you can slip it into your life in the brief moments of doing.  I'm someone who knows enough about everything in business and it's convergence with life and how it comes together, to be able to help you map the options that suit your individual needs and support you in your next direction.

I offer profound peer group experiences, business & life mastery 1:1 session series and a range of 3-day high vibration urban retreats.


Family & Adventures - my 2 great loves!

Leah Kearns_Volcao
Volcano adventures - Central America
My husband Alan and I on our wedding day

Please join me at Leah Kearns - my Facebook page for updates and introduce yourself on my website via a post that speaks to you! I'd love to hear from you.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and remember - Trust in You!